The qualifications for the finals of the World Cup Davis Cup final in 2019 are over, at least when it comes to the Davis Cup selection of Serbia. Our team has fought in Tashkent for the last two days against the national team of Uzbekistan, and after a great fight and five matches in which each set was crucial, came to pass in the elite, in the finals of the World Group 2019, which will be held in Madrid. until November 24), in which 18 teams will fight for “salatar”.

Although on the first day in Tashkent, when two singles were played, Serbia reached the 2: 0 lead, the host showed his teeth and did not break it so easily. The decision on the winner fell in the fifth match of the third decisive set in which Serbia won our triumph as Filip Krajinovic overcame the young hope of Uzbekistan tennis Sanjar Fajziev 4: 6, 6: 3, 6: 0.
“We did not expect this to happen, it will decide the fifth match and the final set, but a win is important. It was not easy at all when I saw that 2: 2 and that I decided to enter the finals. Fajzijev played relaxed, I started to scream at the start, but I found the rhythm and I’m very happy that I managed to win both matches here, “Krajinovic said.
On the first day of the competition in Tashkent after two singles, Serbia took 2-0. The first point for our team was the first racket Davis Cup of Serbian Selection Dušan Lajović having won the second player of the Uzbek team Sanja Fajzieva 7: 6 (4), 6: 3. In the second singles of the first day of the competition, the best teniser of the domestic selection Denis Istomin and our Filip Krajinovic in which Serbian was brilliant and scored 6: 2, 6: 4 brought a calm night to the Serbian team.

Serbia was now on the move from the finals to the final tournament in Madrid. The third point was demanded by our team immediately at the start of the second day of the competition in Tashkent (February 2, 2019) in a double match where the forces were measured by Denis Istomin, Sanjar Fajziev vs. Viktor Troicko and Nikola Milojevic and despite the excellent start of our team, won their match with a score of 2: 6, 6: 1, 6: 3. There was a single in which the rackets crossed the first rackets of both teams Denis Istomin and ours as Dusan Lajovic, and until the match and the equalization (2: 2) the best player of Uzbekistan came 6: 3, 6: 4.

A decision was made who is a passenger for Madrid, and who remains to fight for survival in the qualifying group for 2020. In the decision of the power, the second racket of the host Sanjar Fajzi and our Filip Krajinovic were measured. Although our Philip was an absolute favorite in this match, Fajzijev left the last power to win his team, which he also confirmed by winning the first set, whereby from 0: 2 in Uzbekistan matches he only set them apart from placements in the final. Subsequently, as he played in his championship style, he added gas and finished this match with a 4: 6, 6: 3, 6: 0 victory for the final 3: 2 and triumph of Serbia.

“It was an extremely difficult day, we were on one set of victories. After the first great set in the doubles followed by the fall and finally the victory of Uzbekistan doubles. The match between Istomin and Lajovic was great for Denis who played great, Dusan did not play at the highest level he could, but these conditions are the most suitable for Uzbekistan, he had before that the wind in the back after getting doubled, he got out, got heavily well into the match and immediately led to the break in the beginning of the first set, the same in the other, and Dusani was very hard to get into the rhythm and try to make a lot of money. A decisive sword is never easy to play, and this time Philip was not easy either. Their player played really phenomenal, set and literally without error, surprised him with a tactic that worked great, everything went hand in hand and from that we were one set of victory, they were now one set of victory. If someone wanted to write such a scenario hard to come up with. It was really exciting, I was also going to congratulate Philip on a great game, a very important win, I think this will be a big relief for the tournaments that follow in Montpellier and later in Rotterdam, and I hope that they will continue with good results. As well as our other players, everyone did their part, we trained very well and prepared for this very important match for us, because the big goal was to pledge to the final tournament in Madrid that will be played in November and for that I hope that all players will be available, that they will return to the company, that we will not have problems with injuries, and therefore it will be easier for me to make the strongest team for the conditions that will be in Madrid “concluded selector Davis Cup team Serbia Nenad Zimonjic.

The draw for the World Cup Davis Cup final in 2019 is scheduled for February 14, 2019 in Madrid. On the final tournament (November 18-24, 2019), which will be played in the famous tennis center “crazy magic”,