DK 2011: Serbian team now is completed, Nole has arrived

Serbian team was completed, a first encounter with Djokovic’s friends from the team was conducted in a greeting to triumph at Wimbledon and reaching the first places in the world, with the inevitable champagne.

“Coach’s dream is to work with guys like Nole, Viki, Tipsa, Ziki and Ika,” Bogdan Obradovic said, “You see the kind of seriousness to train, how to socialize. They are one family, which is identical to think, feel, live. Novak does not want to rest and any privileges. He want to train with the rest of Serbian team and he is pleased to be once again with us. ”

Obradovic can not vote on the composition of teams, but will take the right team to report two hours before draw, which is scheduled for Thursday at 12 pm.