Novelty in the Fed Cup of the Euro-African Zone I Competition! After the big changes that will come from the Davis Cup competition from 2019, the ITF decided to make a tiny change in the better half. The zonal competition (Euro-African zone only) is divided into two groups, two cities, that is, two countries that will host the first round.
After many years of practice to hold the Fed Cup of the First Round of the Euro-African Euro Zone in one city (registering to host, meeting all the requirements of ITF and being approved by it), from 2019 ITF decided that this the zone is divided into two groups, A and B. The competition is on the program from 6 to 9 February 2019.
The NIS Fed Cup team of Serbia is located in group B, and the host of this group, which gathers eight teams, will be the Bat city in the UK.
In addition to Serbia, Group B consists of: Great Britain, Croatia, Hungary, Turkey, Greece, Georgia and Slovenia.
Group A will be played in the Polish city of Zielona Gora, and there will be a round robin system: Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Bulgaria, Denmark and Sweden.
The competition in Bat and Zeljona Gora will take place around the round robin system. Eight (Bat) and seven (Zielona Gora) teams will be divided into two groups (A and B), each match in the group includes two singles and doubles. The first single is played by the other rackets of both teams, after the end of this match, the second single is played with the first rackets, after the second one is followed by a double match.
Group winners in Bat, as well as Zjelonoj Gora, will fight each other for placement in the playoffs for the World Cup Group B in 2020.
“The change in the rules is only that it will be played in two locations, so it is not a significant change and will not affect the placement of the team. Our group, when looking at representations, can be stronger than that in Poland, but it does not have to it means that it will be the same, because everything depends on who it will be in, and it is difficult to give an estimate at this time of whether we have pulled out a heavy or lighter group. Every opponent can be inconvenient, the more we are against all of these teams but only if we were in the strongest form we can expect a great deal to meet the goal, and that is placement in the World B group. The only thing that can be expected is that they will play their strongest players for the UK who will host. In any case, I hope that we will be in the strongest form, and in that case we can win everybody “- said the NIS Fed Cup team member Tatjana Ječmenica Jevtic.