Zimonjic and Troicki in the finals of the ATP tournament

Zimonjic and Troicki will play in the final of the ATP tournament, in competition of the doubles.

Serbian double, after hour and a half of the game, won polish -slovakian double Firstenberg-Klizan with result 2:1, in sets 3:6, 7:6, 10:8.

Zimonjic and Troicki were on the verge of defeat, because their rivals lead with 1: 0 in sets. In the second set they lead too, with results 5:4, because they served for the match. Serbian double succeeded to get tie – break and then they was equal in the sets. They take a psihological adventages in the third tie – break and finally won.

They will fight for the title against Elgin – Kuznjecov.