Zimonjic as a medical phenomenon

Selector Davis to buy Serbian national team Nenad Zimonjic will return tomorrow on the court because he will play in the doubles competition on the tournament in Sofia.

Zimonjic will play for the first time after the operation of both hooks in a match with Croatia’s Mate Mateo Pavic and will become the first tennis player on the field with two artificial hooks.

– I will be the first tennis player to play at the top level after the surgery of both hips and replacing both hips. That’s a big difference from the operations that Andy Mari had. My operation is total hip replacement. On the other hand, they are both at home.

However, due to a long break, Nenad Zimonjic will be able to play most of the tournaments only with the help of “Weard Card”.

– I play with Pavic, after I have nothing fixed. The rating is 98th, it will be quite difficult for me to get into the tournaments. Only with the card will I be able to participate in the 500 series and the 1,000 master. On the grenades and the 250 series, I will only be able to partner with the first 40. I look forward to the start of the match with impatience. We play against the Indians of Bopane and Saran who have recently won the tournament in Pune. They are in good shape. I have a good partner and I hope that I will play on a good level and I will come to the first win with two artificial hooks – explained Zimonjic.

The Serbian-Croatian pair should play their match against Rohan Bopanna and Divij Sharan around 11:00 tomorrow.